VK2CA & VK1TX - World Tour 2002

USA Section

Allan at Muscle Beach nr Venice Beach in Los Angeles CA Allan with Hollywood sign waaaaay in the background
Tex VK1TX & Gary N3SJL in Washington Allan VK2CA & Gary N3SJL in Washington
VK2CA getting my cards checked at ARRL booth at Dayton (258 to check - I was there a while..Hi) VK1TX doing the same (#311 confirmed is why he is smiling!)
VK2CA standing at the entrance to one of the pavilions (there were 5 of them!) In amongst the crowd you can make out the Cushcraft display
Some portable stations setup outside the Dayton Hara arena Just some of the crowd in the acres of flea markets in the arena car park (these guys in the pic are serious backpackers! no woosie H/T's for these guys...Hi)
John & Ed enjoying some of the Dayton weather (Tex says thanks for the bed guys).  Cora N3SJJ is sitting in our transport from Washington (thanks Cora). VK2CA with Jack Lennox from DXBase at Dayton (thanks for a great logging program Jack)
Yes that's a B52 inside this hangar!  There are three hangars and more to see at the Airforce Museum in Dayton after the Hamvention you MUST see this place!! VK2CA with Doc K9JJR at his house in Kentucky (thanks for everything Doc & Marion, say hi to Shirley)
Would you believe this is a horse stable?  They really look after their horses in Kentucky! Now this is a ute!! (Just couldn't talk Shirley out of it)
Outside the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN I've been to Graceland....just call me Al....
Space Centre in Hunstville Alabama.  They make rockets big over here :-)  If you look close you will see me.... Found this place by accident!  You just never know what you will see roaming around the US  :-)
VK2CA at the entrance to the Jack Daniels Distillery. What a cool place, but no you cant sample the product as Moore county is a "Dry" county ie: no consumption of alcohol allowed!! Only in America....... Sammy our guide to JD's standing in front of the stream all there water comes from.
"Pardon me boy.....is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?"   The Georgia Four.  L-R Doc AF4MI, Allan VK2CA, Tex VK1TX and Carlton KU4UC at Carlton's house in Fort Valley GA
Allan & Tex paddling in the Atlantic near Tybee Lighthouse in Savannah GA. (it's a touristy kinda thing to do!) Allan and Doc (AF4MI) and Tex at Docs house nr Savannah GA
Allan on River St in Savannah Georgia Squirrel's are everywhere!
Oscar K1IYD and Casey at Oscars apartment in Florida Chet KE4ISM at his station in Florida - thanks for the great meal!
Allan & Winston KD4NKW at the entrance to EPCOT at Disneyworld in Orlando FL. Photographic evidence that Tex is shorter than two Chipmunks!! 
STS-111 ready to go at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida Tex with our hire car - over 2000 trouble free miles and a load of fun to boot!