Software Downloads

This is a list of the software that can be downloaded for free here.  You will need to complete a simple Registration before being able to access the files.

If you have any information that is not on the list please consider emailing this to me to add to the list for everyone to use. Thank you.

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Category   Program Description
Antennas / Homebrew   ACMA EMR Compliance worksheet A program to assist in checking your EMR Compliance b David VK2CZ
Antennas / Homebrew   Antlength Experimental antenna program by VK2YGZ (Win95/98)
Antennas / Homebrew   Class B Design Class B design is a quick way to get parameters for the plate voltage and plate current for a pair of output valves. by VK2YGZ (Win95/98)
Antennas / Homebrew   Ferrite Calcx An Excel program, written by Ron VK2WB, which allows you to design any transformer for use between 1 and 50 MHz using commonly available ferrite toroidal cores.
Antennas / Homebrew   FT_calcx_1.3 This is a revised version of the existing file in Antennas / Homebrew.
Antennas / Homebrew   Parabol by VK2YGZ Design for dish antenna's by VK2YGZ (Win95/98)
Antennas / Homebrew   PTDesign A program to assist in designing Power Transformers and Chokes by VK2YGZ (Win95/98)
Antennas / Homebrew   Quadhelix Weather satellite Quadrifilar Helix spec's & pictures
Antennas / Homebrew   Quick Yagi Quickyagi V4. Yagi design program
Antennas / Homebrew   RF Coils A program to assist in designing Coils to cover a given band by VK2YGZ (Win95/98)
Antennas / Homebrew   YagiCalc Antenna calculator for DL6WU yagis  by John VK5DJ 
Contest / Logging   ascii2adif Convert logs to ADIF format for importing into various logging programs. by KH2D - Excellent
Contest / Logging   Logconv Converts between contest file formats - A MUST have! Version 1.73b
Contest / Logging   Logger Logger (Version 8.07) Excellent FREE DOS based logging program
Contest / Logging   Logger32 V3.50 Full Install Logger32 runs under Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and newer.
Contest / Logging   QSL-44 Quick Score Quick Score reads a CT Version 9 contest.bin file, and prepares the scoring, analysis, and log reports
Digital / CW   Digipan PSK31 Windows based program (V2.0). This one you just have to try!!
Digital / CW   RufzXP Tancredi.  An advanced CW trainer/driller. Get that callsign recognition speed up fast! VeryCool!
Digital / CW   Super Morse Super Morse - CW trainer for the Morse impaired Cool!
Miscellaneous    Great Circle Map maker Great Circle Map making program (V2.3a) by SM3GSJ
Miscellaneous    QSLMake WB8RCR's Qsl making program v2.4
Miscellaneous    Sun Clock 5 SunClock 5 Screensaver displaying world times & grey line etc. - an old favourite!
Miscellaneous    Sun Clock 6.5 SunClock 6.5 Updated screensaver
Packet   Packet for DOS Packet software for DOS
Packet   WinPack WinPack V6.8(Full)G4IDE's WinPack packet radio software for Windows
SSTV / ATV   JVFax JVFAX7.1 Excellent SSTV program( including all documentation, patched version)