Dick Smith (DSE) Kit Information

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K-2720 Walkabout Wadio
K-2721 Motion Detector
K-2722 Walkman Amplifier
K-2723 Stud Finder
K-2726 Melody Door Bell 16 Tune
K-2802 DSE Discovery Series -  Function Generator
K-2805 DSE Discovery Series - Parallel Port Interface assembly instructions
K-2808 DSE Discovery Series - Regulated Power Supply 1.2v to 37.5v @1.5A max
K-2811 DSE Discovery Series -  Stereo Pre-Amp
K-2813 DSE Discovery Series - 555 Timer Circuits
K-3009 High Power Electric Fence Controller  (copy needed if you have one)
K-3018 Buid a LED Torch
K-3036 4 Input Mixer Pre Amp
K-3038 Minivox (Voice activated relay)
K-3051 Zener Diode Tester
K-3052 Transistor Tester Kit
K-3055 IR Remote Checker
K-3060 TV CRO Adaptor
K-3065 Dual Trace Oscilloscope Switch
K-3068 PC IR Transceiver
K-3074 Stepper Motor Controller
K-3080 Line Filter and Conditioner
K-3082 Fluoro Starter
K-3083 Lamp Saver
K-3084 Speed Controller for Drills and Lawn Edgers
K-3095 Microwave Oven Leak Detector
K-3118 LED Battery Voltage Indicator
K-3124 Low Voltage Battery Cutout (for cars and boats)
K-3126 NiCad Discharger
K-3127 Add On Regulator for 12v Battery Chargers
K-3129 Solar Generator
K-3130 Temperature Controlled Mains Power Switch
K-3140/41 Musicolor III + special short form kit
K-3143 Musicolor Mk 4
K-3150 Disco Light
K-3153 Beat Triggered Strobe
K-3155 Disco Strobe Light
K-3160 Mini Strobe  (copy needed if you have one)
K-3202 Benchtop Power Supply
K-3206 Versatile 40V/3A Lab Power Supply
K-3217 Fast Universal Power Charger
K-3226 VHF Receiver for Weather Satellites
K-3231 Mini 1.5V to 9V DC Converter
K-3232 Mast Head Amplifier for TV & FM
K-3235 DC-DC (12V to 100W) Converter
K-3236 UHF Converter
K-3240 Twin Range LED Display Taco
K-3241 Digital Tachometer
K-3242 5-Digit Tachometer
K-3245 Brake Lamp Flasher
K-3245 (Alt) Single Channel UFH to VHF Converter
K-3249 Bike Alarm
K-3250 Car Alarm
K-3252 Deluxe Car Burglar Alarm
K-3253 Car Alarm Mk 2
K-3254 4 Sector Home Alarm (PCB and Components Only)
K-3255 Ignition Killer for Cars
K-3258 UHF Remote Switch
K-3262 Dual Channel UHF Remote Control
K-3300 50v Lab Power Supply  (copy needed if you have one)
K-3301 Transistor Assisted Ignition Mk 2
K-3333 Negative Ion Generator
K-3370 LED Level Meter
K-3410 Low Cost Capacitor Meter
K-3415 AM Stereo Decoder
K-3421 Stereo Simulator Mark 2 for Tuners and VCR's
K-3422 VCR Sound Processor
K-3424 Home Alarm
K-3425 Cordless Remote Controller (to suit the Teletext Decoder)
K-3427 Infrared Remote Control Repeater
k-3427 (Alt) Preamplifier Purpose General (ETI Project 445)
K-3428 IR Remote Control Switch
K-3429 IR Remote Transmitter
K-3433/3434 8 Channel IR Remote Control (Transmitter and Receiver)
K-3435 Universal Power Supply
K-3436 7 Digit Frequency Counter 200MHz
K-3437 1 GHZ Frequency Counter
K-3438 480 Power Supply
K-3439 50MHz Frequency/Period Meter
K-3440 ETI 480/50 Watt Amplifier Module
K-3441 60 Watt MOSFET Amp Module
K-3442 ETI 480/100 Watt Amplifier Module
  ETI 480 Technical Supplement
K-3443 100 Watt MOSFET Amp Module
K-3445 A Low Cost Utility Amplifier Capable of Delivering Up To 20 Watts
K-3448 VK Power Master - Power Master Mk2 - Enhanced also available.
K-3450 Liquid Crystal Display Digital Panel Meter (3 1/2 Digit)
K-3451 3 Digit Counter Module Kit
K-3460 Versatile Power Supply
K-3463 Video Enhancer
K-3468 RLC Bridge
K-3469 Wien Bridge Sine and Square Wave Oscillator
K-3472 Crystal Locked TV Pattern Generator
K-3473 TV Colour Bar and Pattern Generator
K-3475 30V/1A Protected Power Supply MK 2
K-3476 ETI 563 Nicad Fast Charger
K-3478 12-230 Volt 300 VA Invertor
K-3479 Temperature Controller for Soldering Iron
K-3494 Playmaster AM-FM Stereo Tuner
K-3495 Digital Quartz Clock
K-3500 Playmaster Stereo Graphic Equaliser
K-3508 PC Infrared Transceiver
K-3509 Sound Bender
K-3512 Electronic Music Generator (Short Form)
K-3516 Series 200 MOSFET Amp
K-3520 Function Generator
K-3532 Electronic LED Die
K-3582 12v Digital Clock Timer
K-3592 Universal Voltage Regulator
K-3594 Versatile Low Voltage Adaptor
K-3602 PC Controlled EPROM Programmer
K-3603 PIC Testbed
K-3604 Low Cost Midi "Breakout Box"
K-3605 A Windows Based EPROM Programmer
K-3609 Printer Port Hardware Simulator
K-3610 Pic Programmer
K-3704 USB Electrocardiograph
K-4001 Economy Stereo Amp
K-4003 IR Remote Control Pre Amp
K-4005/4006 IR Stereo Headphones Transmitter/Receiver
K-4611 Car Battery Monitor
KE-4711 Miniature FM Transmitter (ETI Kit)
K-5006 FM Wireless Microphone
K-5014 FM Radio Receiver
K-5049 Surround Sound Decoder with Digital Delay
K-5402 Universal Stereo Preamplifier
K-5411 Video Enhancer and Stabiliser  (copy needed if you have one)
K-5412 Five band Equaliser (short form)
K-5421 A DI box for Musicians
K-5604 The Champ: Audio Amplifier (short form)
K-5800 VHF-UHF Masthead Amplifier
K-5801 VHF-UHF Masthead Amplifier (Improved/Updated design)
K-5990 Stereo TV Sound Receiver
K-6000 VHF Monitor Receiver
K-6004 80-Meter AM/CW Transmitter (only first two pages but has schematic) (need a full copy if you have one)
K-6005 FM Receiver for the 6m Band
K-6007 3 Band Amateur Receiver
K-6021 Motorcycle Intercom
K-6100 Antenna Tuner and RF Pre-Amp
K-6104 Active Antenna
K-6300 40 Channel UHF Transceiver
K-6301 UHF 80 Channel Upgrade
K-6302 Transceiver Upgrade Kit
K-6305 Lightweight Yagi simple to build for 70cm amateur band  (need a copy if you have one)
K-6306 70cm Preamp (440/470 MHZ)
K-6307 UHF Power Amp (50 Watt)
K-6308 VHF Amateur Transceiver
K-6308 Errata K6308 Errata
K-6309 UHF GaAsFET Pre Amp
K-6310 13.8 Volt Transceiver Power Supply
K-6311 VHF Gasfet Pre Amp
K-6312 UHF Watt Meter
K-6313 100 Watt VHF Linear Amp
K-6315 Teletext Decoder
K-6316 VHF Watt Meter
K-6317 VZ-200 Serial Interface
K-6318 VZ-200 RTTY Decoder
K-6319 Teletext Tuner
K-6320 AM Stereo Decoder
K-6321 Field Strength Meter
K-6323 RF Attenuator
K-6330 HF Transceiver
K-6331 HF Linear Amplifier
K-6332 40 MTR HF Upgrade (suit K6330 HF Transceiver)
K-6333 20 MTR HF Upgrade (suit K6330 HF Transceiver)
K-6334 15 MTR HF Upgrade (suit K6330 HF Transceiver)
K-6335 Fax/RTTY Decoder
K-6337 10 MTR HF Upgrade (suit K6330 HF Transceiver)
K-6339 Morse RTTY Decoder
K-6345 Radio Direction Finder
K-6349 6 Metre 100 Watt Boost Amp
K-6400 2M FM Transceiver and additional component data sheets and info.  Large file. (Download here)
K-6355 Three Band Shortwave Radio
K-7001 50MHz Frequency Meter
K-7002 Insulation Tester
K-7204 ESR & Low Ohms Meter
K-7205 In-circuit LOPT/FBT Tester
K-7207 The Mains Monitor
K-7211 Personal Noise Source for Tinnitus Sufferers
K-7214 ESR Meter MK.2
K-7217 Energy Meter
K-7226 Sig Checker: Signature Analyser
K-7228 Go/No-Go Crystal Checker
K-7338 Sine/Square Wave Generator
K-7347 Soundcard Preamp
K-7352 Audio Sweeper
K-7604 1 GHz Frequency Counter
K-7620 VHF/UHF Spectrum Analyser Adapter
K-7621 Upconverter for our K-7620 Spectrum Analyser
K-9550 Maximite Computer