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VK's on the Internet

Fully Searchable Database Australia's largest listing

This database contains clickable links to email addresses and web pages for VK amateurs.  Over 1550 so far!
There are some entries for Clubs and other Amateur Radio Organisations. A more comprehensive listing of Amateur Radio Clubs, with clickable links where they exist, is maintained by the WIA

These lists can only be as accurate as the information that is supplied by the people that use it!, if you find an E-mail address or URL (link) that no longer works,  or has changed......... Please let me know!!

Award Winning  Ham Resource

Cant find them on the Net?  Try the official VK Callsign Database   from the A.C.A.

For Email addresses / QSL info etc. of Hams in other countries try AC6V's lists.  

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Many thanks to Guy Fletcher, VK2KU who originated & maintained these lists until November '97