Australian Amateur Radio -

2m    Input    Output    Callsign    Location    Coverage Area    Output  HASL T.out CTCSS
146.050 146.650 VK3REG Mt Cann East Gippsland 40 2.5

Linked to VK3REG ( Mt Cann ) and  VK3REM (Maramingo hill ). 

The WIANEWS broadcast is heard on VK3REB 1030 hrs each Sunday and 2000 hours each Wednesday.

Each Monday night at 2000hrs the club(EGC) net is held.

IRLP node 6008 is available 24/7.  DTMF 00 to check node is available.
VK3REG ( Mt Cann ) should also note that it is linked to Vk3REB and VK3REM
VK3REM ( Maramingo Hill ) should also note that it is linked to VK3REG and VK3REB.

Shown as OUT OF SERVICE as at October 1st, 2010.

Last updated 1 October 2010. Any correction or addition email

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