Australian Amateur Radio -

2m    Input    Output    Callsign    Location    Coverage Area    Output  HASL T.out CTCSS Status
146.075 146.675 VK2REE Mt Ganghat Taree/Gloucester 50 600 5.0 123 Operational
433.325 438.325 VK2REE Mt Ganghat Taree/Gloucester 25 600 5.0   Operational

VK2REE 146.675 transmits 123Hz tone and accepts Auto C4FM/analogue FM modes in and has Fixed FM out.

VK2REE 438.325 is set to run Auto C4FM/analog FM mode on RX and Auto
C4FM/analog FM mode during TX. The repeater transmits CTCSS tone of 91.5 Hz
to enable tone squelch to be used on analog FM only transceivers to
eliminate the digital noise of C4FM.*

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