Australian Amateur Radio -

2m    Input    Output    Callsign    Location    Coverage Area    Output  HASL T.out CTCSS
146.100 146.700 VK4RGC Springbrook Gold Coast 100 1010 4.0 123
  147.200 147.800 VK4RBT Mt. Tambourine Gold Coast 100 1900 5.0  
    South Coast Amateur Radio Group is the sponser. Located at QTH of PeterVK4PM This repeater has echolink capability.
  433.100 438.100 VK4RZA Springbrook Gold Coast   940 1.0 91.5
433.225 438.225 VK4RGC Springbrook Gold Coast 150 1010 4.0 123
23cm 1273.800 1293.800 VK4RXX Springbrook Gold Coast       none

The following repeaters are sponsored by QDG & WICEN.  They are all linked together, require 91.5 Hz CTCSS, 60 second Time Out Timer and no tail.  Primary purpose is WICEN which is why they have the 60 second TOT and no tail (well all you get is a 200mS tail).

438.100 Mt Springbrook VK4RZA (Gold Coast)

438.200 Mt Cootha VK4RZB (Brisbane)

438.125 Maleny VK4RZC (Sunshine Coast)

438.050 Mt Perseverance VK4RZD (coverage on highway from Ipswich to Toowoomba)

Authorised WICEN activities should be given priority on the repeater network.

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